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Code Block Cheat Sheet

This blog uses code blocks to display code samples. The Rehype Pretty Code plugin provides beautiful code blocks for your MD & MDX files.

Markdown Cheat Sheet

All articles on this website are written in markdown and saved as separate markdown files on the server. This article or cheat sheet provides a quick overview of all the markdown syntax elements that are supported and shows how they really look on the website.

Temperature sensors with display and alerting for marine aquarium

In marine fishkeeping the water temperature belongs to the important and easy to monitor water parameters that can be monitored electronically very easy. In order to monitor the temperature I build a small device with two temperature sensors that will constantly monitor the temperature at two different places in the aquarium.

GitHub Pages with Custom Domain using another Domain Provider

When I was trying to configure the custom domain for my blog on GitHub I got stuck while setting it up via the Github Pages configuration. No error was show and the creation of SSL certificates displayed a progress that never finished.